The Novel - Howson's Choice

Dr Joseph Howson is the brilliant, suave Headmaster of a great English Public School. Inspired by actual events, Howson’s Choice is a tale of the explosive consequences when the Headmaster has a series of encounters with a young call girl.

Review comments by Anthony Harvison (Head of Copy at Palamedes PR):
I read Howson's Choice, from cover to cover, in a single day. You will appreciate the rarity of this compliment, given the usual fare I'm given on a weekly basis!

At its heart, the novel deals with the rise and eventual downfall of the ruthless Joseph Howson. Ultimately, he is a tragic figure, with an air of Macbeth about him and comes across as a memorably sinister antagonist. His nemesis, Ben Fine, is the perfect counterpoint to Howson and his amateur sleuthing makes for compelling reading, drawing the reader in to the narrative, as a murky past and an underhand present is slowly uncovered.

This is not a novel to shy away from controversial subjects, such as prostitution, racism and drugs. This variety of voices, subjects and themes makes for a work that demands the reader's full attention and could easily stimulate areas of debate.

'Howson's Choice' is an extremely well-written book, which incorporates elements from various genres, including crime, suspense, literary fiction and the campus novel. The plot is intriguing, keeping the reader's attention, and is tight, leading in a straight line towards the satisfying ending.